Handgesneden zepen Argan Oil, cut soap made by Autour du Bain

Argan Oil, cut soap




Argan Oil, cut soap organic

In South-West Morocco, the precious almonds from the argan tree are being pressed and used as a real beauty elixir. The obtained oil contains a very high concentration of essential fatty acids (Omega 6) and linoleic acid, which both are natural cures against ageing. Rich in polyphenols (vitamin E) and tocopherols, it also fights tissue oxidation and cell weakening. Sweet and fruity at first, this oil exudes a more powdery scented heart of iris and heliotrope, and ends on a woody patchouli and vetiver note.

These organic soaps deliver specific care for the body, but also for the face. Given their mild and natural components, such as vegetable oils and glycerin (23%), as much as emulsifiers made of sugar and aloe gel, they are real gentle on the skin. A moisturizing ans mild soap basis made of 100% natural plant-derived ingredients, among which 71,99% are organic components.

Les savons « Autour du Bain » sont coupés sur place et emballés individuellement par nos soins, ce qui fait de chaque savon une pièce unique. Disponible en demi-tranches "50 gr" +/-5 gr, en tranches entières "105 gr" +/-5 gr ou en pains d'environ 2.1 kg.

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