Handgesneden zepen Rose Peony, cut soap made by Autour du Bain

Rose Peony, cut soap




Rose Peony, cut soap opaque

A blossoming morning rose hip and an armful of vintage peonies give way to a seducing base note of milky musk and white woods.

Our translucent soaps are hand-made with natural plant-derived oils and glycerin (23%), sugar derivatives and mild emulsifiers. Their fragrances are developped in the craddle of French perfumemaking, the countryside near Grasse. There, a "nez" especially creates personalized and natural perfumes for Autour du Bain, thereby using a wide but exclusive range of ingredients.

Les savons « Autour du Bain » sont coupés sur place et emballés individuellement par nos soins, ce qui fait de chaque savon une pièce unique. Disponible en demi-tranches "50 gr" +/-5 gr, en tranches entières "105 gr" +/-5 gr ou en pains d'environ 2.1 kg.

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