Handgesneden zepen White Musk Jasmine, cut soap translucent made by Autour du Bain

White Musk Jasmine, cut soap translucent


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White Musk Jasmine, cut soap translucent

The emblematic jasmine flower feels as if sprinkled with morning dew and surrounded with refined notes of freshly bloomed orange blossoms and honeysuckle. At the heart lingers the elegant and intense orange wood and white musk warmth.

Our translucent soaps are hand-made with natural plant-derived oils and glycerin (18%), sugar derivatives and mild emulsifiers. Their fragrances are developped in the craddle of French perfumemaking, the countryside near Grasse. There, a "nez" especially creates personalized and natural perfumes for Autour du Bain, thereby using a wide but exclusive range of ingredients.

Les savons « Autour du Bain » sont coupés sur place et emballés individuellement par nos soins, ce qui fait de chaque savon une pièce unique. Disponible en demi-tranches "50 gr" +/-5 gr, en tranches entières "105 gr" +/-5 gr ou en pains d'environ 2.1 kg.

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