- Recharges Recharge, Edelweiss made by Ambiance des Alpes

Recharge, Edelweiss

This symbol of the Alps, this mythical plant, grows between an altitude of 2000 to 3000 m. Today, it is a protected species and its gathering is controlled. White, with a felt cottonlike aspect, its starshape flower makes it even more precious. Edelweiss, snow, cotton. Edelweiss is 100% natural, perfumed with Grasse scents. 200ml for 4 months of perfume.



Vous parfumerez votre intérieur jusqu’à 4 mois selon l’hygrométrie de votre pièce.

Les + produits :

  • Parfum de Grasse
  • Fabrication artisanale française

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